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#1 2016-04-01 09:19:10

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Inkscape RexHMI problem

I am using REX Control System with Inkscape for HMI. While analyzing the "04_PoolAutomationInkscape" example, I have downloaded the exec file into the Raspberry Pi. I can connect with RexView tool. Now when I opened the IP address in web browser I am getting the following errors and the time is also not showing.

13:03:00 Adding group F_MODE failed! 
13:03:00 Item F_MODE: pool_task.MP_BUTTON:BSTATE error -106: Connection string not found! 
13:03:00 Adding group READ_GROUP-0 failed! 
13:03:00 Item lights: pool_task.NOT_LIGHTS:U error -106: Connection string not found! 
13:03:00 Item pump: pool_task.NOT_PUMP:Y error -106: Connection string not found! 
13:03:00 Item filtmode: pool_task.RS_NOFILTER:Q error -106: Connection string not found! 

Please suggest me to overcome this problem since I am very much interested in using the REX Control System. Thank you!


#2 2016-04-01 12:10:44

tomáš čechura
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Re: Inkscape RexHMI problem

First of all, try to check if both "lighttpd" and "RexWSTcp" processes are running on your Raspberry PI (e.g. using command ps -xa).

Did you make some changes in the "04_PoolAutomationInkscape" example or are you using exactly the one you downloaded from GitHub? If you made some changes, can you please attach your source .svg file?

Regards, Tomas


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