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#1 2016-10-11 20:12:53

From: Belgium - Hulshout
Registered: 2015-10-27
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Changing font of display in HMI

What's the best way to change the font of the display element in the HMI?

Do I need to add in the .js file something like : = "arial";


#2 2016-10-12 14:44:33

tomáš čechura
Registered: 2016-02-22
Posts: 371

Re: Changing font of display in HMI

Hi Scoobsalamander,

please, follow this tutorial in order to change the display font settings in RexHMI designer:

  1. Open .svg file with the display you want to change the font at.

  2. Select the diplay and press CTRL + SHIFT + X (Editor XML). You should see something like this:

  3. Under Display group select "<svg:text..." part (as highlighted in following picture) and press CTRL + SHIFT + T (Text and fonts)

  4. Change the font.

Note: Please, remember that the chosen font must be installed on the computer where you would like to see the visualisation (typically your host computer).

I hope the above is useful to you.

Cheers, Tomas


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